European Association for Aquatic Mammals


By In Sustainability On September 16, 2015

In keeping with the Zoos Directive, EAAM parks cooperate through breeding loans and other means to manage populations of marine mammals in human care in accordance with pan-European species enhancement programmes (EEPs) directed by species specialists. 

The majority of dolphins in EAAM parks today are bottlenose dolphins that were born in human care.  Breeding programmes have resulted in a net increase in recent years, creating a self-sustaining bottlenose dolphin population in human care.  Individual animals that would not have survived in the wild thrive in EAAM parks due to state of the art facilities, nutrition, and the professional care of biologists, veterinarians, animal behaviourists and nutritionists.  With these and other advantages such as freedom from predation, on average, bottlenose dolphins in EAAM parks live longer than their counterparts in the wild.